May and Juncker Make Progress on Brexit but Find No Agreement


During a negotiation between European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and British Prime Minister Theresa May, “outstanding progress” was accomplished on the Brexit.


The European Commission had this message after the meeting. “But the work proceeds,” it sounded circumspect.

Four days before the start of a critical European summit on the British departure from the European Union, May had gone to Brussels to pave the way to a comprehensive agreement.

On Sunday, the Heads of State and Government should give their consent for the divorce treaty and advocate a political declaration on future relations among the EU and Great Britain.

The conference in the Commission’s Berlaymont building took about two hours but did not lead to a breakthrough. May would return to Brussels on Saturday to advance the negotiations.

It is planned that the British prime minister will engage in the second part of the summit on Sunday.

In any case, a divorce decree and a political statement must be on the table by Sunday. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not want to come to the European top if there is no authoritative text on the table, the press agency Bloomberg heard.

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