Marine Le Pen Pledges to Stay with EU and Eurozone

Marine Le Pen, who is running against President Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election on April 24, does not want to leave the European Union or the eurozone.


She said that when asked at the start of her new campaign. She assured me that she had no secret agenda to get France out of the EU.

Her party, the Rassemblement national, is known for being anti-European. But Le Pen wants to rally as many voters as possible to have a chance against incumbent President Emmanuel Macron. He received nearly 28 percent of the vote in the first round of the presidential election last Sunday, Le Pen more than 23 percent.

She also called on supporters of the left-wing radical People’s Union of Jean-Luc Mélenchon to “be really rebellious” and not vote for Macron. She referred to the earlier name of Mélenchon’s party, Rebellious France. Mélenchon has urged voters not to vote for Le Pen.

Last Sunday, more than a quarter of eligible voters did not vote. Nearly 30 percent of the votes cast went to the far left or far right. The formerly influential center-left PS (Parti Socialiste) was virtually wiped out with 1.75 percent vote. The centre-right Republicans received less than 4.8 percent of the vote.

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