Labour Leader Corbyn Prepared to Vote Down May’s Final Brexit Deal


The leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has spoken today against a second referendum on the Brexit. But, he added, if a majority within his party votes in the party congress, he will abide by it.


“I am not arguing for a new referendum,” said the opposition leader in an interview with the Sunday Mirror. “The best way to manage this condition is by organising parliamentary elections,” he said, adding that he will respect “what this Congress decides”.

Labor still holds a party congress until Wednesday. According to Corbyn, there will be voted on the subject of the Brexit. The exact formulation of the demand for the militants is not yet fixed.

The results of a survey by the YouGov institute for the British newspaper The Observer, published today, show that 86 percent of the Labour and hangers are referring to the result of the Brexit negotiations.

Several MPs and a few big names from the party, including the London mayor Sadiq Khan, have already expressed their support for a second Brexit referendum.

However, Corbyn today reminded the public broadcaster BBC that 40 percent of the Labor voters voted for the Brexit in June 2016.

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