Iran Remains Against Phasing Out Sanctions

Iran does not want US sanctions against the country to be lifted step by step but insists that they must go before Iran continues with a previously concluded nuclear deal.


The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the government in Tehran does not deviate from this position. Washington has proposed a gradual withdrawal of the sanctions imposed by the Americans,

On Tuesday, there will be talks in Vienna about the failed international agreement with Iran from 2015. It fell three years later because the US, under President Trump’s leadership, cancelled the agreement and announced even stricter sanctions.

The agreement aimed to bring Iran out of international isolation and abolish economic sanctions in exchange for a verifiable curtailment of Iran’s nuclear program.

On Tuesday, America will rejoin international talks on the deal with Iran for the first time since Joe Biden became US president. The other countries are Iran, China, Germany, France, Great Britain and Russia.

And, as usual, the EU is also joining. Despite the conflict between Washington and Tehran, Iran’s nuclear program leader Ali Akbar Salehi is optimistic about the potentially weeks-long talks starting Tuesday. The Americans are reportedly not talking directly to Iranians, but their presence is already a big step.

Iran is burdened by sanctions that paralyze the economy, obstruct payments with the country and undermine health care. The United States has long accused Iran of wanting to make nuclear weapons.

Iran has constantly contradicted this and claims that it needs nuclear energy to meet the energy demand and to be able to export more oil. The plan to do so dates back to the 1960s when Iran began its nuclear program with the US’s help.

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