Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter Account Hacked


Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter Account Hacked. The burglar has posted a series of messages on behalf of Modi calling on followers to make donations in cryptocurrency to an aid organization.


Twitter has confirmed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s account has been hacked. The firm says it has taken steps to secure Modi’s account.

“We are now investigating the situation. Currently, no other accounts are known to have been affected,” said a Twitter spokesperson.

The spokesman for the Indian Prime Minister has not yet commented on the hack. The tweets posted by the hacker were removed.

In July, the accounts of several prominent users, including the accounts of US presidential candidate Joe Biden, former president Barack Obama and entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk, were also compromised. The Twitter page of PVV leader Geert Wilders was also hacked.

Among other things, a background image of a Moroccan flag appeared on his account and a caricature of a black man was set as a profile photo.

Several messages about, among other things, conspiracy theories were also retweeted by the account.

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