How You Choose Fine Leather Motorcycle Jacket


MotoGp riders, pleasure riders, Harley riders and more all have a variety of things in common. One thing that they have in common is their choice of riding jacket. On or off the track leather riding jackets are popular.

Why Leather?
There are several reasons that riders choose leather for their riding jacket material. It is stylish, protective, durable and more. Leather is chosen primarily because it is durable and abrasion resistant. Leather is the original tried and true riding jacket material. There are many different styles, cuts, colors and options when deciding on a riding jacket, but leather has different thicknesses offering different levels of protection. Leather can also be colored in a wide variety of colors from bright to bold, light to dark for safety, looks and preference.

Leather offers protection against a wide variety of things. The elements of Mother Nature, leather protects against the heat, cold, snow, rain and wind.  When purchasing your leather-riding jacket you can choose a variety of liners to help keep you dry during a rainstorm.

Leather will offer protection from scuffs of pavement in the event you should need it. With its thickness and abrasion resistance you should be fairly protected from road rash.

Leather no has additional elements of protection, such as thicker areas at the elbows, Kevlar inserts that can be added for protection as well. Leather jackets can also be found with perforations in areas that will release trapped heat to prevent the rider from overheating in warmer climates.

Leather riding jackets are durable for all situations. They are abrasion resistant, colorful for safety and suitable for various terrains and climates. Leather can withstand the cold snowy elements. They will keep you warm and dry. Leather jackets will also keep you cool and dry in hot and rainy climates.  If the rain wasn’t enough and it created mud, well your leather jacket will be easily cleaned.

Leather Riding Jacket Wrap Up
Leather riding jackets are different than per say the leather jacket that you are wearing to dinner tonight. While both can be stylish and eye catching your dinner jacket isn’t as durable. Your dinner jacket will not protect you from road rash, it doesn’t have thicker elbows for the bumps and bangs you may experience like your riding jacket will. Leather riding jackets are more durable than other jackets and that is why riders wear them across the world.

So whether you are a MotoGp rider, Harley rider, you will find you both wear leather Motorcycle jackets. Your styles, colors, and protection levels will vary as your needs vary but that can all be covered by the riding jacket you choose. With a wide variety of riders there is a leather motorcycle jacket for everyone.

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