Greta Thunberg Ready to Pass Megaphone on to Others

After four years as the face of global climate marches, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg told Swedish news agency TT on Monday that he is ready to “pass the megaphone” to others.


“We also need to hear the testimonials and experiences of the people most affected by the climate crisis,” Thunberg said. “The time has come to pass the megaphone to those with real stories. We need new perspectives,” said the 19-year-old Swedish.

Her desire to share the spotlight is based on the fact that climate change is already devastatingly affecting people’s lives worldwide. “So it only becomes more hypocritical when people in Sweden, for example, say that we will be able to adapt and that we don’t have to be afraid of what might happen in the future,” it sounds.

Thunberg became the face of the climate marches after she launched a school strike for the climate in 2018. This later led to the movement ‘Fridays for the future’. The Swedish activist previously indicated that the COP27 climate summit would pass by because it would be about “greenwashing”.

That is a marketing technique that makes people believe they are doing more for the climate than what is actually the case.

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