Google Pays Female Workers Less than Men


Google Pays Female Workers Less than Men. Google pays a third of its 70,000 employees, that are women systematically less than male employees.

Says the US Department of Labor according to The Guardian. Google denies the accusation firmly.

The Ministry shall prove in an ongoing study have collected systematic wage differentials. In January spanned the Ministry to issue a lawsuit against Google salary information and documents in an effort to force the company.

Friday said an employee of the ministry in San Francisco during her testimony, in that case, the salary differences. The ministry would require the requested information to determine where the differences come from salary.

No Pay Gap
Google has a reaction that very strongly disagrees with the allegations. “Every year we do a comprehensive and robust analysis of salary for men and women and we found no gender pay gap.

In addition to giving an unfounded statement that we first heard in court, the Ministry of Labor has not provided any information or shared his methodology “, the company has announced in a statement.

Recently the company announced that it has closed the pay gap between men and women worldwide.

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