Google Allows More Crypto Ads

Tech company Google, part of Alphabet, will again allow advertisements from companies that offer so-called cryptocurrency wallets.


This will be possible again from August. A cryptocurrency wallet is a kind of bank account for digital currency.

In 2018, Google banned ads for digital coins and related products, following a similar move by Facebook. But for ads related to trading the coins, that restriction was short-lived.

As of August, advertisements with wallets will also be allowed again on search engines, on YouTube and other Google services, provided that Google’s conditions are met.

Regulators worldwide previously warned explicitly about the risks that private investors run when they invest their money in bitcoin or related digital currencies. The tech giants then decided on an advertising ban.

Google is now making another change “to better align” with existing regulations. In a blog post, Google specified that the advertising ban for so-called initial coin offerings is still in effect. These are a kind of IPOs for digital currencies.

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