Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal: 87 Million Users Affected

Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal: 87 Million Users Affected. The scandal surrounding the data that the Cambridge Analytica company obtained via Facebook is much larger than assumed. Facebook reports that eventually private data of 87 million users were shared with the controversial research agency.


It concerns the contacts of 270,000 people who participated via Facebook in a personality test of the company. Up to now it was thought that about 50 million Facebook users had been given private data.

According to Facebook, the 87 million users are mainly in the United States.

Confusion about privacy
The issue has caused a stir over the privacy of Facebook users in recent weeks. Cambridge Analytica played a bad role in President Donald Trump’s election campaign. The company would have used the personal information to make voter profiles.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized and promised improvement. Meanwhile, the tech company saw billions of dollars evaporate from its stock market value.

As a result of the scandal, Facebook has now updated its terms and conditions. The update is meant to make everything clearer and clearer by using simpler language, says the company. Recently, the privacy settings became even more visible and it became easier for users to delete data.

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