European Union is Ready for Concession in the Backstop Issue of Brexit


European Union is Ready for Concession in the Backstop Issue of Brexit. The European Union would be willing to concede the border issue between Ireland and Northern Ireland, according to sources within the EU.


Yesterday Prime Minister Johnson, through the German Chancellor Merkel, was told that a deal is “essentially impossible”. Brussels diplomats deny that there is a concession.

The backstop, the guarantee demanded by the EU that there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland after the Brexit, is a major stumbling block between the parties to reach a possible deal about the British exit.

EU sources told the British newspaper The Times that European member states could agree to an interim solution. Besides, Northern Ireland could in time decide to leave the backstop. The talks mentioned 2025.

Brussels diplomats denied that the European Union would like to add water to wine and a concession is envisaged in the guarantee scheme demanded by the EU that after the Brexit there will be no hard border amongst Northern Ireland and Ireland.

According to the diplomats, it is not currently necessary to count on a “powerful new offer” from the EU. According to the EU, conversations to reach a deal are still possible.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said earlier that after the Brexit provisional freedom of movement of goods must continue to exist between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.

The prime minister was told yesterday that a Brexit deal is very unlikely unless London agrees that Northern Ireland will continue to be part of the European Customs Union. Johnson called this unacceptable.

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