Do Rich Beautiful Women Have Higher Expectations For Men?


Dating can be a difficult mind field to navigate at the best of times, but what happens to the dating landscape when as a woman you’re not only drop dead gorgeous but also incredibly successful? A 2009 Harvard Business Study said women controlled 51.3 percent of wealth in America alone, which amounts to $14 trillion in personal wealth overall.

With that number set to grow to $22 trillion by 2019 it would seem women not only hold a higher standard of physical beauty but are also fast becoming richer and more power than ever before. So how does this situation affect the love lives of these hugely successful powerful women?

Thousands of beautiful, massively successful women visit every day in the hopes of finding their perfect partner. What is it these women are really looking for you ask? The fact is the higher your standards the harder it is to find a suitable partner.

The more specific you are about exactly what you want, the more likely you are to spend a vast amount of time spanning the landscapes the dating scene, searching for that one special person that fits your vision of an ideal match. Everyone is looking for a high quality partner but it stands to reason that the higher quality the partner the more in demand that partner will be.

It goes without saying that the success of a relationship can often rely on both compatibility and someone who can relate to you not just on a personal level but a professional level as well. So it makes sense that rich successful women will look for a high quality partner of the same elk.

This concept is supported by statistics from the department of labour which refers to the fact that female CEOs are much more likely to marry a male CEO of equal stature. Whereas men in the same position are apparently much more likely to marry their secretary, not only that but female millionaires who divorce a partner are much less likely to re-marry when compared to their male counterparts.

Though the reasoning behind this could be that male CEOs still far outnumber the amount of female CEOs so the chances of a man finding a woman with the same social and financial standing is much more unlikely. This means that women have much more choice when it comes to finding a compatible mate on websites like MillionaireMatchwho can compete with them from a career and monetary stand point.

Though it begs the question when looking for a compatible partner how important is status and money? Are there other attributes in a partner that can negate the need for a high power job or a large bank account?

A lot of wealthy women are incredibly independent. They’re used to being in control and enjoy the feeling of power they have in their chosen careers and that’s where the concept of dating down comes in. We’ve all seen those examples of successful attractive women being with men who don’t quite fit the mould. Economists who tracked University of Chicago MBA graduates for more than a decade, discovered that choice of partner is an important factor in a woman’s earning power.

Women who had both a high-earning husband and children experience the largest dip in income, especially after giving birth while effects on those with spouses who earned less than $100,000 were much less pronounced. Among ambitious couples struggling to find a work-life balance, the writing is on the wall – someone’s career often has to take a hit and it’s usually the lower earner.

Though some find the concept of dating down slightly horrific due to the fact that it openly saying that someone is less than you or beneath you – it happens. It can be for that feeling of comfort or stability you get from knowing someone is less likely to leave you or cheat on you because they lucked out in being with someone who’s rich and beautiful.

It could also be that wearing the financial trousers in the relationship means you get to make a lot of the decisions that you may be challenged on if someone isn’t completely reliant on your wealth or income.

Though some women may be tempted to date down for these very reasons they come with their own set of problems. Who’s to say that dating someone with a lower income and less powerful position won’t find it a blow to their ego considering they aren’t even close to being the breadwinner or wearing the proverbial pants.

Not to mention if your partner doesn’t understand how busy you are they may ask you to compromise on the amount of time spent at work – or even worse your potential partner could only be interested in your money if they aren’t making enough of their own.

In conclusion, though female millionaires don’t exclusively date equally attractive rich men it is more often than not the case. To reach the level they have both financially and career wise they have clearly held themselves to a higher standard than most so it goes without saying that they most likely hold potential dates and future lovers to a high standard also. Though this isn’t a golden rule and there are some good potential reason for rich beautiful women to lower their standards when it comes to finding someone more often than not a rich beautiful woman is looking for handsome wealthy male – and there really is no better place to find than match than on MillionaireMatch.

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