Dell Aligns Storage With Snowflake

Dell Technologies has partnered with Snowflake, which is dedicated to data warehousing. At the same time, it also proposes new products against cyber attacks.


Dell will eventually link everything related to the storage of company data to the Data Cloud from Snowflake. According to the company, this should give customers more flexibility in multi-cloud environments. As an example, Dell cites data stored on-premises on object storage that can then be used in Snowflake’s Data Cloud, while data can be kept locally or in the public cloud.

The intention is to ensure product integrations from the second half of this year with both companies entering the market together.

At the same time, Dell Technologies is also announcing an expansion of its Apex portfolio. Dell Apex Cyber Recovery Services provides a full-stack solution for recovery from cyber attacks.

This is complemented by PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure and AWS in the cloud. Here too, the emphasis is on quickly restoring a data backup after a cyber attack.

For Azure, Dell talks about an ‘air gapped’ vault in the public cloud with flexible recovery options. For AWS, this includes monitoring files and databases to diagnose a cyberattack and identify and restore the last known undamaged copy of data.

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