Chinese President Xi Calls Merkel

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Wednesday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Xi expressed the hope of greater cooperation with Germany and the European Union.


The call comes two weeks after the EU imposed sanctions against China over the treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region. China condemned the sanctions and took countermeasures against European politicians and authorities.

The Chinese president told Merkel that there are “new opportunities and diverse challenges” in the EU’s relationship, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reports. It is not known whether Xi and Merkel also spoke about the Uyghurs.

Xi told Merkel that China’s development offers opportunities for the EU. “We hope the EU makes the right decision independently,” possibly referring to American influence on European policy towards China.

Xi also mentioned cooperation on corona vaccines. He said he was against ‘vaccine nationalism’.

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