Britons Seem to Be Moving Away From Government Algorithms Again


The use of algorithms and machine learning to make decisions for the government is increasingly under attack in the UK.


In recent months, some twenty algorithms have already been scrapped. The UK was one of the more eager countries to replace some of its government equipment with algorithms.

The criticism of this is getting louder by the day, partly due to some very public scandals. Many of the algorithms that were developed (a little too quickly) are now being phased out.

It was therefore not good weeks for the reputation of AI in the country.

In early August, the government scrapped an algorithm is used to apply for residence permits because it would discriminate against specific population groups.

The decision to have exam results determined in corona time by an algorithm instead of exams or teachers was also reversed after the protest led to street protests.

The exam results in question determine to a large extent which universities the students can enter and thus have an impact on their future.

However, the algorithm in question would discriminate against students from specific schools, often in more impoverished residential areas.

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