British Union Announces New Rail Strikes


Travellers in Britain should again prepare for chaos in public transport next month. Thousands of employees of British railway companies then went on strike out of dissatisfaction with their pay, trade union RMT reports.


That trade union for transport and passenger transport says it will not be invited to new salary negotiations and wants to pressure employers to agree with the actions.

RMT predicts that 20,000 employees of fourteen transport companies will go on strike. The strikes are scheduled for July 20, 22 and 29.

The United Kingdom, like other European countries, is facing a wave of strikes this year. In addition to public transport, these actions also occurred in ambulance services, healthcare and postal delivery. The employees want to be compensated for the sharply increased prices in the supermarket, which leads to collective bargaining conflicts.

RMT Secretary-General Mike Lynch also points to the role of the British government when announcing the new rail strikes. This determines how much room the public transport companies will have to raise wages, says Lynch. “The government continues to chain the companies and does not allow them to develop a package that can resolve this conflict,” he says.

New strikes on the railways are also threatening in Germany. The EVG union declared on Thursday that negotiations with the railway company Deutsche Bahn had failed and is now preparing new actions.

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