British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Wants to Raise Taxes to Pay for Health Care

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to present plans on Tuesday to raise taxes to improve the British health care system, British media report.


Many of his party members are displeased because Johnson is violating his election promises.

The prime minister is expected first to submit his plans to his cabinet, after which he will address parliament around noon. According to British media, Johnson will say that his government is not afraid to make difficult choices to improve care. However, critics within his own party believe that the plans will mainly affect young workers with low incomes.

The costs of the UK health care system will rise due to an ageing population and the aftermath of the corona pandemic. Johnson wants to compensate for this by raising income tax. However, Johnson had previously said he did not want to increase it for exactly this tax.

On Monday, the British government announced it would set aside £5.4 billion to cover the additional costs faced by the National Health Service (NHS) during the pandemic.

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