Boris Johnson is Under Fire Over Possible Ruling on Thousands of Corona Deaths

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under heavy fire. His former right-hand man, Brexit architect Dominic Cummings, makes one evil revelation after another about him.


The most recent and controversial is stated in the Daily Mail newspaper. “Let the dead pile up by the thousands,” Johnson reportedly said last October. “No more fucking lockdowns”. Johnson and fellow ministers deny the report.

Boris Johnson did not consider thousands of corona deaths a problem, as long as he did not declare the third lockdown. That can be read today in the Daily Mail newspaper. The ruling is said to date from October last year when a second lockdown was announced as the coronavirus spread wild in the United Kingdom. Finally, months later, in January, there was another lockdown, the third.

Johnson has denied the charge, but he did it so evasively it seemed suspicious. When asked if he made the statement, he said “no”. This followed by a confusing explanation, for a minute and a half, without answering. In the meantime, he has once again dismissed the report as “utter nonsense”.

Fellow Minister Michael Gove denied the report in parliament. “I find the idea that he would say such a thing unbelievable. I was in that room and never heard such language.

Cummings is also said to be at the root of previous revelations. For example, it became known that Johnson would have wanted Conservative lenders to pay for renovations to his official residence on Downing Street. Fellow ministers of the prime minister also denied that report.

Besides, there was a revelation about a contract for ventilation equipment. Johnson is said to have personally stated in text messages that he would “settle” the “problems with taxes” of James Dyson, a befriended entrepreneur. That was when he wanted to persuade Dyson to return to Britain to build respirators urgently needed by the Covid pandemic.

Johnson is not the only Conservative politician under attack, by the way. This also applies to former Prime Minister David Cameron. An investigation is being conducted against him into lobbying for the benefit of financing company Greensill Capital.

Labour opposition leader Keir Starmer demands an explanation, as successive allegations threaten to undermine confidence in politics completely, he says. “I think a lot of people think that one rule applies to them and a completely different one to everyone else.”

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