Beijing’s Sky Turns Yellow Due to the Heaviest Sandstorm in Years

The sky in the Chinese capital Beijing turned yellow on Monday due to the heaviest sandstorm in ten years.


Residents of the metropolis use safety glasses and face masks to protect themselves from the flying sand.

Local authorities ordered schools to suspend outdoor sports activities. People with lung disease were advised to stay indoors, and some highways are partially closed. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled.

The visibility in the city is less than 500 meters due to the storm. Capital residents are concerned about potential health risks. “I feel like every breath gives me lung problems,” said one resident. A 25-year-old woman said the sandstorm reminds her of “the end of the world.”

The sand is said to have been blown to Beijing by strong winds in the vast Gobi Desert. Strong winds and sand storms also plague neighbouring Mongolia. At least six people were killed there, and more than 80 people are missing.

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