Apple Wants to Make At Least 75 Million 5G iPhones


Apple has asked its suppliers to make at least 75 million new iPhones that are suitable for the 5G network by this year.


There will also be new versions of the Apple Watch, the iPad Air and a smaller HomePod ‘smart speaker’, Bloomberg news agency reports.

Apple expects to ship around 80 million new iPhones this year, Bloomberg sources said. The American tech giant aims to launch the new models next month.

In addition to the fact that the iPhones are suitable for the fast 5G network, there is also a different design and a wide choice of screen sizes.

The new iPad Air would be equipped with an iPad Pro-like screen. It also concerns two new versions of the Apple Watch and a renewed smart speaker.

Apple would also work on a new Apple TV set-top box, but it may not appear until 2021

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