3 People Dead in New Protests Against Myanmar Coup

At least three people have been killed in new protests against the coup in Myanmar. Local sources report that security forces used a lot of violence during a demonstration in the city of Dawei. At least 20 people were also injured there.


A local aid worker told AFP news agency that the three men were killed by live ammunition. Other protesters would have been targeted with rubber bullets. “There could be many more casualties as more and more injured people are brought in.”

In Myanmar, large-scale demonstrations have been going on for weeks against the seizure of power by the army. The military says fraud was committed in the parliamentary elections and have arrested Head of Government Aung San Suu Kyi. Opponents of the coup organize themselves via the internet and take to the streets in several places in the country.

Security forces try to suppress protests by force. “The police started firing as soon as we arrived,” said a 29-year-old teacher in Yangon, the country’s largest city. “They didn’t warn us. Some people were injured, and some teachers are still hiding in neighbours’ houses.” It is unclear whether live shots were used.

Protesters hid behind barricades elsewhere in the metropolis and defended themselves with improvised shields. Police meanwhile fired tear gas. It is unclear exactly how many people died during the weeks of protests. Before Sunday, it concerned at least four demonstrators and an agent.

Deposed leader Suu Kyi has not appeared in public since her arrest. She must appear in court on Monday, partly because she was alleged to have been in possession of illegally imported walkie-talkies. Her lawyer says he has not yet been able to meet his client. “As a lawyer, I place my trust in the court,” said the counsel. “But anything can happen in this day and age.”

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