Zoom Buys Video Company for Virtual Events

Video conferencing company Zoom acquires Liminal. With the company, Zoom hopes to continue to focus on remote events.


Zoom announces the acquisition of Liminal in a statement. The video calling app was one of the rising stars of the lockdown as it intuitively allowed chatting with people remotely.

In the past year, however, Zoom started to look further into the future, and it does see potential in virtual events.

It is also there that we can position the acquisition of Liminal. The start-up specializes in the production side of events. “As with the future of work, we believe the future of events lies in a combination of virtual and physical formats,” Zoom said in a statement to tech site CNET.

Liminal’s software should help to manage such hybrid events, including by producing videos with better quality than the average Zoom call.

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