US Sanctions Again Hit Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Hard


Chinese tech giant Huawei is again hit hard by US sanctions. The company, which has become increasingly popular in the smartphone market in recent years, will no longer receive advanced chips from next Tuesday.


This can have consequences for the 5G network and for the sale of smartphones.

Manufacturers working with US equipment or software are prohibited from producing for the Chinese tech giant.

Earlier, Huawei had to do without Google’s download store Play Store, making the phones less interesting for the Western market.

The sanctions are being introduced by order of US President Donald Trump, who fears that Huawei may carry out espionage activities due to its link with the Chinese government.

Huawei said in an extensive written statement, among other things, that the restrictions imposed on the use of US technology and software to design and manufacture semiconductors abroad are “arbitrary and harmful.”

Huawei says the trade restrictions are based “on false and baseless allegations”.

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