US and China do not Know what North Korea is Capable Of


US and China do not Know what North Korea is Capable Of. “The intelligence services believe North Korea would be able to build a rocket that reached America in the short term,” says correspondent Erik Mouthaan.

Rocket could reach the western US, says Mouthaan. “The islands of Hawaii, but also a city like San Francisco. And the intelligence services believe that Kim Jong-un might well be unpredictable enough to try it. As the man nukes, it is not assured.”

US President Donald Trump warns the country, for example by sending ships, says Mouthaan. “But by asking the Chinese if they can exert diplomatic pressure on their neighbor to keep it under control.

Maybe it was not entirely coincidental that he demonstrated the power of the US military through yesterday, the biggest bomb shed since the atomic bomb. ”

Or the tense situation turning into armed conflict, depends on what the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un does, says Mouthaan.

“You can compare a little with children fighting in a schoolyard to who’s boss You have the two biggest, strongest guys in the class:.. China and America no one dares to challenge them, except one, little alien boy: North Korea.”

“Those ones could put him easily into place, only they do not know what the boy is capable of. He might suddenly do something very violent.

So everyone is very careful at this time. The wait is what the North Korean leader is going to do this weekend. “

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