Ukraine Reports Explosions on Romanian Territory, But Romania Categorically Denies


In a Russian attack on a Ukrainian port, drones with explosives also came down and exploded on Romanian territory. At least that is what the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman says. Romania, however, “categorically” denies that move.


“According to information from Ukrainian border guards, a massive Russian drone attack on the port of Izmajil on Sunday night dropped and exploded drones on the territory of Romania,” spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said. “This is further confirmation that the terror of the Russian missiles poses a threat not only to the security of Ukraine but also to neighbouring countries, including NATO member states.”

Ukrainian border guard spokesman Andriy Demchenko said Ukraine registered two explosions on Romanian territory.

Romania, however, “categorically” denies the Ukrainian claim. The Romanian Ministry of Defense “is monitoring the situation in real-time”, and “at no time” have Russian attacks against infrastructure on the Danube “posed a direct military threat to Romania’s national territory or territorial waters.” It sounds like it is in communication.

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