Twitter Removed Criticism of Corona Approach at India’s Request


Twitter has removed dozens of posts in the past month at the request of the Indian government. Some of these are tweets from local politicians criticizing the way the government is tackling the corona pandemic.


Some messages can no longer be viewed only in India, writes the Indian Express newspaper.

Twitter assesses all “valid legal requests” against local laws, and a spokesman told Bloomberg news agency. If the company determines that a post is illegal in a particular area but does not violate Twitter’s rules, it will only restrict access to the content locally.

According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has been shaken by a “storm” of coronavirus infections. A heavy wave has led to more than 300,000 new corona infections per day for four days in a row.

According to critics, authorities were insufficiently prepared for the second wave. Insufficient thought was given to the future when the daily number of infections dipped below 10,000 several times in February. Prominent religious and political gatherings were held.

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