Twitter is Considering Paid Subscription for Power Users


Twitter is Considering Paid Subscription for Power Users. It is possibly a new source of revenue for the ailing social network. By paying, you get access to more advanced functions such as comprehensive statistics.

This is evident from the information held by tech site The Verge. The plan would cost about $ 20 per month.

The premium subscription would mainly be of interest to companies and news organizations, who can see their tweets and thereby effectively and better understand where their followers tweeting about.


The Verge is based on a survey sent to Twitter users. The social network confirms to the website that it is indeed exploring the possibilities for a paid subscription, but it has not yet started to build and rollout of this new service.

The paid version would be top Tweetdeck, the platform is built for power users. Tweetdeck offers more features than the Twitter website and used by people who want more out of Twitter. Think of tracking lists of specific people or hashtags.

Twitter Remains Free

Twitter just continue to use for free. Only ‘marketers, journalists and professionals who want to know what is happening in the world would benefit from the paid version of Twitter. Also paid users see no ads.

The social network suffers long been stagnating loss and the growth of users. The new subscription service could be a new source of income.

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