Three Bulgarians Arrested in UK for Spying for Russia


Three Bulgarians suspected of spying for Russia have been detained in the United Kingdom since February. That reveals the BBC. The three would have worked for the Russian security services and were tracked down during a major British investigation into national security.


The suspects are accused of possessing IDs with “wrong intentions”. Passports, identity cards and other documents were found for at least nine different countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Greece. According to the British, the three would have known the papers were false.

They are 45-year-old Orlin Roussev, 41-year-old Bizer Dzhambadov and 31-year-old Katrin Ivanova. They had been in the United Kingdom for several years and did various jobs. According to some former neighbours, Ivanova and Dzhambadov formed a couple.

The information the alleged spies collected and passed on to Russia is unknown. The Bulgarians are said to have lived in the United Kingdom for years and had various jobs. They are due to appear in court in London in January.

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