Theresa May will Present A New Courageous Brexit Deal from Her Hat


Theresa May will Present A New Courageous Brexit Deal from Her Hat. British Prime Minister Theresa May says she will present a “new, courageous” deal in the coming weeks. She will try again to get a majority in parliament for her Brexit deal.


May is optimistic and believes that the members of parliament will support her proposal this time, she writes in a letter in the newspaper The Sunday Times. “I still believe there is a majority in parliament to go for a real deal.”

Why won’t the deal be rejected this time? According to May, this is an “improved” package of measures, which is difficult for MEPs to say no.

The Brexit 2.0 package contains several measures that are aimed at persuading Labor MPs, including more explicit financial protection for UK workers after the UK has left the EU.

Last Friday Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn officially pulled the plug from the negotiations with the Conservatives. He called Theresa May’s government “too weak and unstable.”

Three times already “no.”

The Brexit deal that Theresa May agreed with Brussels in November has already been rejected three times by the British MPs. As a result, London had to request Brussels twice for the Brexit.

The departure of Great Britain from the EU was initially planned on March 29 but has since been postponed to October 31 at the latest.

The delay also means that Britain will participate in the European elections next week.

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