The Swiss Parliament Has Given Initial Approval for SwissCovid App


In Switzerland, parliament has given initial approval for SwissCovid, a Bluetooth app that will work in addition to manual contact tracking.


The upper chamber of the Swiss Parliament has approved the introduction of the app. According to Reuters, she will likely be approved in both chambers next week.

This gives Switzerland legal permission to use a contact tracking app. This is done voluntarily on top of manual contract tracing as we also know it in Belgium.

SwissCovid uses Bluetooth short-range radio and combines the new APIs from Apple and Google to use Android and iPhone smartphones as a tracking tool.

The phone detects when the device is near other users of the app. That information is kept on the phone itself for 21 days.

Before the rollout, the app was tested by volunteers from the army. Among other things, they looked at whether the app worked in a café, during a train journey, in line in front of the store or at parties.

Switzerland has just under 31,000 positive cases of Covid-19 with 1,661 deaths.

Now that the number of infections is falling, with seven new infections last Monday, the measures are also being relaxed there.

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