South Korea Suggests 2030 World Cup Bid with North Korea


South Korea Suggests 2030 World Cup Bid with North Korea. The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, wants to organize the World Cup soccer tournament together with North Korea and other countries in the region.

The President talked with Gianni Infantino, chairman of World Football Association FIFA, hoping that a World Cup in several countries in Northeast Asia can contribute to peace in the region. That’s why Moon asked Infantino to consider the offer

The left-liberal moon accepted in May’s promise to seek more approach to the isolated North Korea. However, the situation in the region is highly strained by two nuclear bombs and numerous rockets of North Koreans.

The organizers of the next year’s Olympic Games in the South Korean Pyeongchang hope that North Korea will divide a team.

South Korea organized the World Cup in 2002 with Japan. The northern neighbor did not qualify for the final at the time. For the organization of the World Cup 2030, China and a combination of Argentina and Uruguay have also been used as options.

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