Six Children Have Died in America After Being Catapulted From a Car by Accident


Six children have died in a car accident in the US state of Tennessee in which they were catapulted from the car. They were 1 to 18 years old. Two adults were taken to the hospital.


At around 2 a.m. on Sunday, the car collided with a concrete block under a bridge on a highway in the US state of Tennessee. The car hit the guard rails and flipped over. As a result, the six children aged 1 to 18 who were in the car were thrown out of the car.

The emergency services arrived with four ambulances and a helicopter but had to declare the children dead when it turned out that they could no longer be resurrected.

Another car was involved in the accident and was also upside down. The man in that car had minor injuries and did not need hospitalisation. Another man and a woman were taken to hospital. The woman was taken there by helicopter. The man was in the car with the children and suffered minor injuries. He was taken to another hospital.

Police are still investigating how the car crashed into the concrete block. They also found a damaged pick-up truck, but it is unknown if it was also involved in the accident.

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