Samsung Will Manufacture Prototype Foldable Smartphone This Year


Samsung is planning to produce prototypes of a foldable smartphone in the third quarter of this year 2017. The prototypes Samsung aims to test its production capacity for the new smartphone.

The tech giant would like to fabricate thousands of models of the phone. These prototypes may also be sent to major Samsung customers including mobile operators, so that they can already try out the phone.

Samsung would consider after the test production in order to start the mass production, in which telephones will be made for sale.
That will probably take place until 2018, according to the sources. It would mean that the previously planned sale in 2017 is perhaps the job.

According to sources, Samsung has its very early version of the foldable smartphone already demonstrated in industry members to a small group, while addressing in telecom exhibition Mobile World Congress.

Rumors indicate whether longer bendable smartphones from Samsung. One of these phones would be folded as a kind of compact makeup mirror. Another model looks like a 5 inch smartphone, but can be converted into an 8-inch tablet.

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