Ryanair Weakens Green Claim After Regulator Criticism


Ryanair falsely assumed passengers could fly greener with the budget airline for a while. This is the conclusion of the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) after an investigation into sustainability claims by airlines.


The Irish group adjusted the statements related to CO2 compensation after warnings from the regulator.

The ACM fell over announcements in which Ryanair tried to lure potential customers with the promise that they could fly “greener” to their holiday destination. This could mislead customers because it concerns compensation for CO2 emissions, which does not make the flight more sustainable.

Ryanair has now adjusted the listings for online ticket sales. For example, according to ACM, it is more clearly stated that CO2 compensation does not make flying itself more sustainable. It also no longer says: “Fly greener too.” The airline also explains how the estimated emissions per ticket are calculated and how much can be offset.

In addition, Ryanair offers more clarity about the projects where the contributions for CO2 compensation go.

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