Russian Successor McDonald’s Supplies Cooking Oil for Oil Tankers


The successor to McDonald’s in Russia is partnering with oil company Gazprom Neft to convert used cooking and frying oil from restaurants into biofuels for oil tankers. As a result, shipping emissions must be reduced.


A partnership is now being entered with Gazprom’s fuel subsidiary Neft to convert used cooking oil into biofuel for ships. This will then be mixed with ordinary bunker oil in the port of Saint Petersburg. Vkusno & Tochka says it processes about 5,500 tons of used oil annually. The company already supplies oil for processing into biofuels for powering electric buses in Moscow, among other things.

Gazprom Neft Marin Bunker, which is developing biofuel, says the fuels have all the characteristics of regular bunker oil and can be used for most marine and river vessels. The company claims to be the first company in Russia to work on biofuels for shipping.

Russia has said it is committed to cutting emissions despite the war in Ukraine and deep tensions with the West.

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