Russian Hacktivists Target Romania


Romania’s government sites have suffered a series of DDoS attacks in the past week. The national cybersecurity team said so in a statement.


It concerns a series of public websites of government institutions. The attacks are claimed by Killnet, a group of pro-Russian activists.

They would have overloaded the sites with large amounts of requests, making them no longer responsive. In essence, a DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack. However, the websites are now ready.

A group called Killnet claims to be responsible for the attack. The group, which calls themselves hacktivists, says that it is a reaction to a recent statement by Romanian Senate President Marcel Ciolacu. He recently promised to send as much aid as possible, including weapons, to Ukraine.

The group is also said to have previously carried out attacks in the US, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany and Poland, asking each time to stop arms deliveries to Ukraine.

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