Rise of Turkey as Democratic Superpower


Turkey is a country with a long and rich history; the country is made up of the remnants of the once powerful Ottoman Empire. Turks have had in the past shown that they are able to build a great and mighty empire which was a key player in many hundreds of years to happen in international politics.

In the last ten years, Turkey has experienced significant economic development as a Democratic Superpower, so they have become a major regional power in the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Turkey has at the moment about the 16th largest economy in the world and is rapidly working to grow even more.

Analysts expect Turkey, as it so continues to develop, will reach the economic level of Germany in twenty years. Turkey for example has a much stronger economy than the new EU members Bulgaria and Romania.

Turkish banks and credit institutions have barely suffered from the credit crisis that America and Europe have been hit hard.

In contrast to Western European countries faced with an aging population, Turkey has a relatively young population which is also trained. Turkish industry is in full swing and manufactures automobiles, food products, textiles, white goods and all kinds of machinery & materials.

In addition, every year millions of tourists go to Turkey from Europe, America, Russia, Arab countries and Asian countries.

Turkey is working to be self-sufficient as possible in terms of defence, they are now ready to produce their own guns, ammunition, ships, tanks, missiles, helicopters and other weapons.

The Turks are engaged in building its own space satellite communications and intelligence. The Turkish army has an iron discipline and the power of a NATO member state.

Turkey is on its way to becoming a Democratic Superpower as Germany, France, England and Russia. The most positive thing is that Turkey has taken over the Western democracy and shows the land that Islam and democracy are perfectly able to go together.

A strong economic and Democratic Superpower Turkey will emit a great example for the Muslim countries in the region.

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