Reuters: G7 Countries Agree on Code of Conduct for AI Companies


The G7 countries have agreed on a code of conduct for companies developing artificial intelligence (AI) systems. This is reported by the Reuters news agency, which saw a document from the Group of Seven rich countries, including Germany and the United States.


The agreement will probably be announced on Monday.

This is a code consisting of eleven points. For example, companies should publish reports on AI systems’ capabilities, limitations, and use and potential misuse. They should also invest in security controls. According to the document, the code is “intended to promote safe, secure and trustworthy AI worldwide.”

The European Parliament passed legislation in June to tackle AI. The intended European regulation regulates the design of AI, its use and the sale of AI systems. Facial recognition with smart cameras in public spaces will be banned, and binding rules will be introduced in the European Union for large chatbot models such as ChatGPT.

Other major economies, such as Japan and the United States, have not acted as vigorously as the EU. The code of conduct they agreed to in a G7 context is an essential step for those countries. Earlier this year, many experts and industry stakeholders called for a pause in AI development. Experts were concerned about the lack of ‘guardrails’ in case AI systems disrupt society.

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