Red Bull Heir Receives $615 Million in Dividends


Mark Mateschitz, the heir to Red Bull, has received a total of $615 million in dividends. It is his first payout since he took over the stake in the Austrian energy drinks company from his father Dietrich Mateschitz, who died last year.


Since last year, 31-year-old Mark Mateschitz has owned 49 percent of Red Bull. That interest made him rich overnight because Red Bull pays out a lot of dividends.

After the takeover, the Austrian became the richest millennial in Europe. The remaining Red Bull shares are owned by the Thai Yoovidhya business family.

The dividends paid out are the lowest in three years. The increased costs for production and marketing resulted in lower profits last year. Turnover increased by a quarter, to almost 9.7 billion euros. Red Bull sold 11.6 billion cans of energy drinks in 2022.

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