Paris Hilton Sex Tape Leak: It was Like Being Raped


Paris Hilton Sex Tape Leak: It was Like Being Raped. The documentary The American Meme tells the life of some well-known American social media stars, of whom Paris Hilton is the big crowd puller.


Last Friday, the film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and the reality star showed how it went her after a sex tape, which she recorded in 2004 with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, went all over the world. “I thought: let me die.”

Show another side
“It was as if I were being raped when that tape came out One Night In Paris, and I felt like I had lost part of my soul and I was being talked about so badly by people I did not know at all. through it and did not want to be known as “that girl of that sex tape.” It has hindered me from being who I am. “

The reason that Paris wanted to participate in the documentary is that she now had the chance to show a diverse side of herself. “People mostly know me from The Simple Life, one of the very first reality shows that appeared on TV, in which I was shown together with Nicole Richie.
There were no social media at that time, so I have more or less created my character like me thought the audience would want to see it: rich, blond, and spoiled. But I’m much more than that, I’ve proven that I’ve been running my own business in recent years, but people still see me like that blondie from the television show. “

Meanwhile Paris is engaged and looks forward to a life with her husband Chris Zylka and possible family expansion: “The life I lead is of course very nice, I travel all over the world, have my company and many deejay jobs in Ibiza, But that is sometimes tiring, I really want to be a mother, I can not wait until that day comes in. Starting a family and finding pure happiness is my top priority. “

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