Parent Company Google Settles Lawsuit for 700 Million Dollars


Google’s parent company, Alphabet, will pay 700 million dollars to end American lawsuits against its app store’s policies. Alphabet is also adjusting Google Play’s policy.


Dozens of US states and consumer groups had sued Google. They accused Google of making it virtually impossible for app developers to distribute their apps via platforms other than its own Play Store.

Customers of apps sold in Google’s Play Store would also have paid too much due to the tech company’s restrictions on apps for payments.

Of the hundreds of millions that Google pays, $630 million goes to a fund from which consumers are compensated. About $70 million will go to the states that sued Google. Despite the payments, Google denies being guilty.

Earlier this month, a jury ruled that Alphabet has an illegal monopoly with the app store. Epic Games, the maker of the well-known game Fortnite, brought that case.

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