Why Should Online Store have Multi-filter or Multi-Select Attributes Functionality?


Why do we need refineries? To filter out the unwanted and get the cleanest form of substance. Much like them, we need filters in eCommerce websites which promise to enhance the user experience. Even the biggest mall in this world has limited reach and defined area.

Fortunately, eCommerce stores are not susceptible to this kind of constraints. These filters reduce large masses of content which in result shrink the available options making it much easier for the customers to reach the concluding point.

If you own have an eCommerce store, then Magento 2 Layered Navigation is the perfect solution for multi-filter & multi-select product attributes.

What are Multi-Filters?

To reap the purest kind, we apply the substance to multiple-filtering processes. We somehow make sure that we get a complete spectrum of the end product. By the same token of understanding, we need filter out the products based on their attributes. Each product has its own properties. Identifying maximum numbers of attributes and adding them in filtering tabs could refine the desired product.

Why Do We Need Multi-Filters?

Multi-filter doesn’t halt at appeasing one and compromising the needs of others. It is known to behave effectively for both, i.e., customers and merchants. While it has its own advantages for both the sect, one can’t neglect the fact that it has benefited customers to a great level, and anything which serves the customers is surely going to appeal the merchants.

Advantages Of Multi-filter From the Customer’s Perspective

Enhances User Experience

Multi-filters allow the customers to refine the products and extract the best product as per their desire. This indirectly improves the user experience.

Saves Every Second

With a myriad of product offerings, it would have been disastrous for shoppers if there were no multi-filters. The total time taken by the customers to reach to the exact product is called as product discovery time. Multiple-filters in a store can easily score a brownie point by saving customers time. All they have to do is select as many filters as they can and narrow the product funnel.

Betters Visual Interpretation

Plenty of products with no filters could cause a visual havoc. The reckless rummaging would do no good to the customers. It would only create an intricate situation. Putting multiple filters would help them better with visual interpretability.

Magnifies Decision-Making Capabilities

The golden rule of retail says that “Never show all the products to your customers, maintain the scarcity.” The saying has been gradually generated by the centuries of experience. Less number of the product is directly proportional to the decision-making abilities. Multi-filter boosts the decision-making potency and truncates all the doubts.

Compels to Take Action

Better the decision-making sense, higher the chances of taking action. Undoubtedly, Multi-Filter urges the user to take actions. It is natural that refined products entice customers much faster than unrefined ones.

Makes Aware Of Specifics

Not all the users are aware of the specifics of the products. Some of them visit the store just in the search for products without proper knowledge. Multi-filters help them to refine the items based on specifics and make them apprised of the specifications.

Engages Them

With all the greatness happening on the product page, the users feel elated, and elatedness directly draws their engagement. It doesn’t make them feel that they are footslogging the website with a mental burden.

Advantages Of Multi-filter From the Merchant’s Perspective

Longer the list of merits for the users, better the extension for merchants. With all the user-assisting aspects, multi-filter is known to better the eCommerce business experience.

Boosts the Sale

Since multi-filter largely benefits the customers, it must be eye candy for the merchants. With every percentage user-experience grows, sales of the merchants are amplified. It can be said that with each effort you put to make your customers happy, purchasing at your store gets marvelously promoted.

Scores The Returning Ticket

We don’t want ‘em just for once. We want them time and again, over and over, repeatedly. Stashing product discovery time would mean that they’d gladly return back to buy from your store. Now, what could be more gratifying than having your customer back?

Improves SEO Ranking

SEO would commensurate with better UX and higher customer engagements. Your internal navigating links help Google spider to discover your page and dwell its visibility right at the top of search page.

Optimizes The Website Internally

A better product search experience would definitely mean that your website is richly-optimized. Since multi-filters lead to organic search, it will be a good fit to call your store an effective and optimized store.

Promotes Brand Value

It is a bliss to watch satisfied customers. Multi-filter not only contents your customers but also gives you a chance of promoting your brand value and moral code.

Reduces Return

Since filters allow users to refine the products, chances of return dips. I have seen a phase where users frustratedly ordered the products (frustrated due to large masses of choices) and returned them the very next day. Why did that happen? It happened because they couldn’t refine the products properly and in the urge of the moment, they ordered the unfulfilling products. For the settled heads, all they would do was to return the product.

The Final Call

We have talked a lot about user-experience, product discovery time, and engagement. One thing you’ll have to remember that there is no limit to how good and simple user navigation could become. Wake up every day, only to challenge your yesterday. The moment your thirst for eCommerce enhancement stops, the very moment you will cease to exist. Analyze your store, audit every possible feature, and with the demand of trend and time, make necessary amendments. Don’t try to over-do, don’t dare to try the UNCONVENTIONAL in the name of vision.

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