New South Wales Has More Than 1000 Corona Infections in A Day


The Australian state of New South Wales has more than 1,000 new corona infections in one day, the highest number since the pandemic began.


A day earlier, the state reported 969 new infections. In the city of Sydney, two large hospitals have pitched tents outside to accommodate the rising number of patients.

Despite the increase in infections, the local government has decided on some relaxation for vaccinated people. For example, vaccinated adults living outside designated ‘hotspots’ in Sydney will be given a little more freedom of movement from Monday, September 13. For example, they may come together in groups of five.

In the hotspots, slightly less strict rules already apply to people who have been vaccinated. Here adults are allowed to gather on the street for recreation.

The relaxations come during a lockdown that will remain in Sydney and the surrounding area until at least the end of September. The measure applies to the rest of the state until at least September 10. Among other things, there is a curfew from 9 p.m.

New South Wales wants to introduce even more freedoms for vaccinated people when 70 to 80 percent of adults have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Currently, over 60 percent of adults have had their first dose, and about 33 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated. In addition, a kind of ‘corona pass’ is being worked on so that people can prove their vaccination.

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