New Rail Strikes Announced in UK


A British train drivers’ union has announced a strike for May 12, May 31 and June 3. Spoorbond Aslef rejected a proposal from 16 railway companies in the wage negotiations. The British channel Sky reports this.


According to the union, a group of several rail employers proposed a 4 percent surcharge. However, the proposal was “clearly not designed to be accepted” because inflation is above 10 percent and union members at those companies “have not received a raise in four years,” Aslef secretary-general Mick Whelan said.

One of the days of action, Saturday, 3 June, coincides with the FA Cup final and Epsom Derby, one of the renowned horse races across the Channel, Sky notes.

At the turn of the year and in recent months, many British business community and government sectors have been on strike to push for storage demands. There have also been various actions in the rail sector, which has been liberalized in the United Kingdom and has several transport companies.

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