New iPhone X is Most Expensive Ever and Unlock with Your Face


New iPhone X is Most Expensive Ever and Unlock with Your Face. Apple has hugely packed out in its annual iPhone presentation. In addition to an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, it has also released the iPhone X. It’s by far the most expensive iPhone ever.


Particularly to the iPhone X (pronouncement ‘ten’ or ‘ten’) is the face recognition. By looking at the phone, the screen lock is canceled. The front button has disappeared, so the screen of the phone extends almost entirely to the edges.

In this way, the iPhone X got a larger screen without the phone getting bigger.

Also new is the iPhone 8, but this looks very much on the iPhone 7. The formats and appearance have remained the same. However, the phone comes in new colors, such as ‘Gold Finish.’


Wireless Charging
All new iPhones can be charged wirelessly, by placing the phone on a special plate. In the presentation, Apple said that it expected the plates to appear everywhere, including in the McDonald’s or built in an Audi car.


In the presentation, Apple had a lot of attention to augmented reality, the technique that allows you to place computer animations in the real world. It has overcharged the phone with sensors and quick chips.


Expensive iPhone Ever
The new luxury iPhone X comes with a great price: $ 999. In the England, cost £999 for the 64GB model and £1149 for the 256GB. The price of the iPhone 8 does not differ much with the iPhone 7.


Apple Watch
Furthermore, the presentation was quite flat, especially for the Britans. The new Apple Watch can now contain a sim card for 4G, which does not require a smartphone to work.

Stock Exchange not Impressed
The new iPhones could count on a lot of clutter in the hall, but Apple did not do it well at the fair. It fell well during launch.

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