More Unemployed in Germany in December, Less After Adjustment


Unemployment in Germany rose in December, usual for the time of year, the Bundesagentur für Arbeit reported on Tuesday. However, adjusted for seasonal influences, a decrease in the unemployed can be seen.


The unemployed in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, rose by 20,000 to 2,454,000 in a month. But according to the German government organization, a seasonal adjustment shows a decrease of 13,000.

Although, according to the Bundesagentur, unemployment in the winter months is regularly higher than the trend, in the summer, it is often the other way around.

Compared to December 2021, the number of unemployed increased by about 124,000. The Bundesagentur also has a comment here. For example, unemployment is lower if Ukrainian refugees are excluded. They ended up in Germany due to the war between Ukraine and Russia that broke out in February.

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