Melania Trump can be A Victim of Trumps Immigration Rules


Melania Trump could be deported and banned from the United States as Donald Trump already had been president when she worked as a model in the 90s. So say lawyers specializing in immigration law.

In 1996, Trump, then called Melania Knauss, paid for her work as a model in the United States while she was staying there with a tourist visa. She earned more than $ 20,000 before they got legal permission to work in the country, the American website writes Slate.

Although she applied for a work permit in 1996, received a residence permit in 2001 and officially became a US citizen in 2006, her employment history does under the new rules of Trump certainly increasing. At the request of her work permit had them clear mention that she has violated the rules of her tourist visa.

If someone had discovered that she then did not, she probably had been denied and she had never become a US citizen. According to two lawyers who spoke the website Slate is now even possible to revoke her citizenship, if they deem it unlikely that this happens because it is a small lie.

Still, the question is whether this also applies to the rules of Trump. Because according to him, all immigrants who have done something that violate the immigration rules of the country. “They have to go,” he said earlier.

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