Macron: An Attack on Syria was Necessary to Remain Credible

Macron: An Attack on Syria was Necessary to Remain Credible. French President Emmanuel Macron has defended the rocket attack on targets in Syria. The intervention was necessary to give the international community “some credibility” back.


France, the United States, and Great Britain fired 105 missiles on Syria early Saturday morning. The countries acted together to return the supposed attack with poison gas in the Syrian Douma.

The president said he would like to work for a political solution to the conflict in Syria. He wants to talk to all parties involved, including Russia. Nevertheless, he voiced sharp criticism of Moscow: an ally of the Assad regime. He said that Russia is complicit in the actions of the Syrian government.

Russia did not use chlorine gas according to Macron. However, according to the president, the country has tried to prevent the international community from using diplomatic channels to stop the use of chemical weapons.

Macron said the attack was ‘executed perfectly.’ All projectiles would have achieved their goal.

Russia claims that most missiles have been shot down by the anti-aircraft. What is certain is that some goals have been hit. According to the US Department of Defense, the Syrian capacity to make chemical weapons is a serious blow. According to the Syrians, a medicine factory was bombed, among other things.

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