Jeffrey Epstein Wanted to Blackmail Queen in Exchange for Silence About Prince Andrew


Jeffrey Epstein planned to blackmail Britain’s Queen Elizabeth in exchange for his silence over the allegations against her son, Prince Andrew.


At least that is what John Bryan says, world-famous in Flanders as the ex-husband of reality star Astrid Bryan and, in the 90s, the lover of Sarah Ferguson, Andrew’s then wife, for a while.

In a high-profile interview with the Daily Mail on Sunday, Bryan said he was secretly engaged in crisis talks over Andrew in 2019 following his disastrous interview with the BBC’s Newsnight. According to Bryan, Epstein built his career as a financier and social figure by blackmailing powerful men who gave him money in exchange for his silence about their illegal activities.

“People always ask how Epstein made his money. He was supposedly a wizard with taxes, but it was all a scam. He made hundreds of millions of dollars that way.”

According to Bryan, Epstein even planned to blackmail Britain’s Queen Elizabeth but failed “because Andrew never gave him the ammunition to ruin him.” Bryan consequently believes that Andrew is innocent. “If he were involved in those orgies, Epstein would have used it to extort millions from the Queen.

Unfortunately, Andrew never had much money, and the Queen owned the millions.”

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