Iran Warns US to Stop Nuclear Program within a few Hours


Iran Warns US to Stop Nuclear Program within a few Hours. If the United States continues to impose new sanctions on Iran, the country can terminate its nuclear deal with world powers ‘within a few hours.’ This threatens Iranian President Hassan Rohani.


On the Iranian state television, he says: “If America wants to go back to sanctions, then Iran will return to the conditions of the negotiations in a short period, not a week or a month, but within a few hours.”

Iran says the new sanctions that the US has recently imposed violate the agreement. That agreement closed the country by 2015 with the US, Russia, China and three European countries.

At the end of July, the US imposed sanctions on six Iranian companies for their role in the development of a ballistic missile program. That happened after Tehran launched a rocket that could put a satellite in a job around the globe. According to Trump, the launch is a provocation, but Iran denies that.

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